Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Opal Star of David Pendant Necklace


The Star of David pendant for women is an enchanting and meaningful piece of jewelry, meticulously crafted in 925 silver and rhodium plated for a lasting, oxidation-resistant shine. This pendant showcases the iconic Star of David, a powerful symbol of spirituality and connection to Judaic traditions.

The shape of the Star of David is richly carved in 925 silver, giving the pendant a delicate and elegant look. At the heart of the star, a beautiful blue opal is embedded, adding a touch of color and mystery to the jewel.

Blue opal is a perfect choice to adorn the Star of David, as its shimmering hue recalls the endless depth of the night sky, evoking connection with the universe and spirituality.

Rhodium plating adds a lustrous, silver finish to the pendant, enhancing the luster of 925 silver while protecting the jewelry from scratches and tarnishing. This finish gives it a luxurious and refined appearance, making it an accessory that can be worn on any occasion, whether it's a casual outfit or an evening dress.

The pendant is medium in size, which makes it both delicate and striking. It can be hung from a matching silver chain, creating a complete necklace that showcases the Star of David and blue opal elegantly.

This pendant is more than just a piece of jewelry, it's a symbol of faith, tradition and spiritual connection. It can be worn proudly to express one's religion and values, or simply as a distinctive and meaningful style statement.

In short, the pendant for women in the shape of a star of David, adorned with a blue opal, and made of rhodium-plated 925 silver, is a jewel that combines symbolism, aesthetics and elegance. It's an enchanting accessory that brings a touch of spirituality and mystery to every outfit, while being a testament to style and spiritual sensibility.

Length 25 mm
Width 20 mm

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  • Material  :   Stone, Sterling Silver
  • Jewelry for  :   Women
  • Weight  :   5g
  • Length  :   25mm
  • Width  :   14mm
  • Theme  :   Cross & Religion

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