Men's Braided Leather Stainless Steel Manacle Clasp Bracelet

Men's Braided Leather Stainless Steel Manacle Clasp Bracelet



This braided leather men's bracelet is a powerful symbol of connection and infinity. It embodies the alliance between bold style and deep meaning, creating a distinctive piece of jewelry that tells a captivating story.

The braided leather cords, in a sober and elegant tone, add a touch of character and refinement to the whole. The leather chosen is of high quality, offering a pleasant feeling on the wrist while ensuring remarkable durability.

The stainless steel handcuff is the focal point of this bracelet. Inspired by the symbol of infinity, it transforms into a delicate handcuff, representing the attachment and the eternity of the bonds we form in our lives. This pattern is both timeless and full of meaning, offering a constant reminder of the deep connections that bind us together.

The stainless steel magnetic clasp adds a touch of practicality and security. Easy to use, it provides a solid closure while being convenient to open and close with one hand.

Worn with pride, this braided leather bracelet with stainless steel handcuff is more than just an accessory. It is a statement of style and symbolism, reflecting the essence of human connection and endless possibilities. Whether expressing a special bond with a loved one or a reminder of the importance of relationships in life, this bracelet is a constant reminder of our endless journey through time and love.

Length 210mm

Width 21mm

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16,16 €

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Men's Braided Leather Stainless Steel Manacle Clasp Bracelet


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  • Material  :   Leather
  • Length  :   210mm
  • Width  :   21mm
  • Jewelry for  :   Men

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