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  • Men's Sterling Silver Cuba Chain Celtic Pattern Bracelet

    The men's bracelet you describe is a remarkable and elegant piece. Made of solid silver, it testifies to the quality of its noble material. Its masculine and classic appearance makes it a timeless accessory, perfect for men who appreciate pieces with character. The thick and sturdy cuba chain shape gives the bracelet a touch of sturdiness and strength,...

    159,60 € 266,00 €
  • Men's Sterling Silver Adjustable Open Fleur de lys Biker Ring Men's Sterling Silver Adjustable Open Fleur de lys Biker Ring - 10 €
    Men's Sterling Silver Adjustable Open Fleur de lys Biker...

    This 925 silver ring with an oxidized finish is a real piece of craftsmanship that combines elegance, masculinity and class. The signet ring is designed for those who appreciate timeless charm and historical symbolism. In the center of the ring, an embossed motif of a captivating fleur-de-lis immediately catches the eye. This fleur-de-lis is an ancient...

    57,08 € 67,08 €
  • Men's Sterling Silver Braided Chain Clasp Bracelet

    The solid silver bracelet is a jewel of character that combines elegance and tradition. With a classic appearance, it will enhance the wrist of the wearer. Composed of cylindrical segments, the bracelet features motifs inspired by the sun, reminiscent of the emblematic aesthetic of the Inca Totems. The classic hook clasp adds a touch of sophistication...

    43,30 € 54,12 €
  • Men's silver viking war ax pendant

    The Viking Battle Ax Men's Pendant is a bold and powerful piece of jewelry, meticulously crafted with an oxidized finish. This pendant evokes the warrior spirit of the Vikings, a symbol of courage, strength and determination. The Viking hatchet is richly detailed, with chiseled lines and etched patterns, reflecting the distinctive Viking craftsmanship....

    43,20 € 54,00 €
  • Women's polished white ceramic bracelet with magnetic...

    This white ceramic bracelet embodies elegance and modernity with its polished surface and subtle gold-tone details. Its delicate and refined design makes it an ideal accessory to enhance any outfit. Ceramic, known for its durability and strength, is combined with a touch of sophistication with the gold edging, creating a subtle contrast that catches the...

    32,79 € 42,79 €
  • Men's Polished Bar Tungsten custom engraving Pendant

    This tungsten carbide pendant embodies elegance and simplicity. With its chic and minimalist bar shape, it becomes a contemporary style statement. The polished, glossy finish adds a touch of sophistication to this understated yet captivating piece. Made from tungsten carbide, this pendant is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also durable and resistant...

    24,92 € 34,92 €
  • Personalized men's bracelet steel curb brush plate

    The stainless steel bracelet is a chic and modern accessory, designed to appeal to the contemporary man. Its design highlights an entirely matte finish, giving it an elegant and refined look. The black ionization plating adds an extra touch of sophistication, offering a subtle contrast with the two golden lines that adorn the bracelet in a discreet but...

    23,60 € 28,60 €
  • Black Leather Stainless Steel biker skeleton Bracelet

    This black leather bracelet embodies the very essence of masculinity and ruggedness, offering a bold and original look that will particularly appeal to bikers and rock fans. With its unique design, it captures the rebellious spirit and love for freedom. The 12mm black leather ribbon adds a touch of character and presence to this bracelet. The leather is...

    20,32 € 25,32 €
  • Personalized men's leather bracelet multi line steel curb

    This bracelet for men is an exceptional piece that combines the elegance of black leather with the power of black onyx balls. Designed for those looking for an accessory that is both sophisticated and daring, it will attract all eyes. The two black leather cords, carefully selected for their superior quality, bring a touch of refinement to the whole....

    18,40 € 28,40 €
  • Men's Braided Leather Stainless Steel Manacle Clasp Bracelet

    This braided leather men's bracelet is a powerful symbol of connection and infinity. It embodies the alliance between bold style and deep meaning, creating a distinctive piece of jewelry that tells a captivating story. The braided leather cords, in a sober and elegant tone, add a touch of character and refinement to the whole. The leather chosen is of...

    16,16 € 21,16 €
  • Men's Stainless Steel Curb Chain ID Bracelet

    Show your personality with this ID bracelet, which is made of stainless steel. It has a polished plate to engrave texts, your friend's name, special date, a symbol of love etc. The bracelet features a delicate chain link design and a polished finish for a sophisticated look. Ideal for yourself, for a friend or for a brother, this men's steel bracelet is a...

    13,04 € 18,04 €
  • Personalized ceramic wedding ring Personalized ceramic wedding ring - 5 €
    Personalized ceramic wedding ring

    This ceramic ring embodies timeless, minimalist elegance. Its clean design, with a flat surface and polished finish, gives this ring a modern and sophisticated look. With a width of 6 mm, it offers a perfect balance between discretion and presence. The carefully contoured interior ensures optimal comfort throughout the day, while the ceramic guarantees...

    11,70 € 16,70 €
  • Personalized pendant necklace couple bar pattern black steel

    The bar pendant with black chain pattern is a jewel that embodies both elegance and modernity. Its unique and distinctive design makes it captivating, perfect for expressing your personal style while keeping a special memory of your beloved canine or feline companion close to your heart. The main bar of the pendant is made from high quality materials...

    9,16 € 14,16 €
  • Men's Grooved Center Brushed Stainless Steel Custom Engraving Band Ring Men's Grooved Center Brushed Stainless Steel Custom Engraving Band Ring - 5 €
    Stainless Steel couple ring heart customizable engraving

    Immerse yourself in love and deep connection with our 304 stainless steel rings, designed especially for couples. Each of these two rings is a unique piece, but when brought together side by side, they form a heart, the ultimate symbol of shared love. 304 stainless steel is chosen for its exceptional durability, ensuring that these rings will retain...

    8,28 € 13,28 €