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  • Sterling Silver Aries zodiac pendant necklace

    This 925 silver pendant captures the symbolism and personality of the signs of the zodiac. Each piece is a unique homage to the 12 astrological signs, carefully crafted with a polished finish, offering a brilliant shine. The minute details and delicate lines of each zodiac sign are captured with precision, creating a refined and meaningful piece of...

    27,59 €
  • Silver padlock key necklace pendant

    This 925 silver pendant represents a captivating symbol of eternal bonds. Its shape of padlock and key connected by a chain evokes union, security and lasting connection. It is a symbolic gift, ideal for expressing deep feelings to a special woman. 925 silver ensures lasting quality and timeless shine to this elegant and meaningful piece of jewelry. Its...

    29,76 €
  • Double heart necklace pendant in rhodium zirconium silver

    Evoking deep and eternal love, this rhodium-plated 925 silver pendant features a remarkable design of double crossed hearts. The delicacy of these two hearts intertwining symbolizes the indestructible union between two souls linked by an unshakable bond. Meticulously adorned with small zirconium oxides, this pendant embodies the radiance of affection and...

    24,72 €
  • Men's silver horn canine tooth wolf head pendant

    Immerse yourself in the mystical world with our 925 silver pendant in the shape of a canine tooth adorned with a wolf head. The polished finish accentuates the intricate details of this jewelry, creating a unique piece that evokes strength and power. Each element of this pendant has been carefully crafted to capture the spirit of the wolf, a symbol of...

    46,20 €
  • Silver chain necklace pendant with zirconium infinity symbol

    Our rhodium-plated 925 silver pendant embodies eternity and grace with its delicate infinity symbol design. The polished finish adds a touch of shine that subtly catches the light, creating an enchanting glow. Carefully crafted, this pendant is an example of the exquisite craftsmanship and premium quality of 925 silver. Rhodium plating not only provides...

    27,72 €
  • 925 silver pendant for men's skull guitar

    Immerse yourself in the rebellious world of rock with our 925 silver guitar-shaped pendant, featuring an oxidized finish and adorned with skull motifs. This gem embodies the bold spirit of rock music and style, capturing the electrifying energy of live performances. The oxidized finish gives the guitar a vintage look, reminiscent of the well-worn guitars...

    67,48 €
  • Men's silver pendant Asclepios snake stick

    Immerse yourself in the history of medicine with our unique 925 silver pendant, representing the staff of Asclepius with a coiled serpent. An ancient symbol of healing, this jewelry merges the past and present in an artistic and meaningful piece. The oxidized finish lends depth and authenticity to this pendant, evoking the mystical aura of medical...

    32,20 €
  • 925 silver musical note key necklace pendant

    Evoke harmony and grace with our 925 silver musical note pendant. This delicate piece of jewelry captures the melodic essence of life, offering an elegant statement for every music lover. The polished finish adds a touch of shine to this captivating musical note, creating a subtle contrast that highlights the delicacy of the piece. Made of high quality...

    19,76 €
  • Men's silver pendant canine tooth OM pattern

    Explore spirituality and elegance with our 925 silver pendant, a unique piece in the shape of a canine tooth decorated with OM motifs. This creation combines the ancient Hindu symbol "OM" with a contemporary aesthetic, creating a piece of jewelry that embodies the fusion of the sacred and the modern. The lightly oxidized finish lends artistic depth to...

    32,20 €
  • 925 silver pendant viking pirate skull anchor

    Immerse yourself in the mystical world of Nordic warriors with our 925 silver pendant in the shape of a Viking anchor. The anchor's bold design, combined with a lightly oxidized finish, evokes the rugged character and adventurous spirit of Viking culture. Meticulously crafted details, including subtly adorned skulls, add a touch of mystery and symbolism...

    48,40 €
  • 925 silver feather pendant for men and women

    Our 925 silver pendant, a delicate feather with a lightly oxidized finish, embodies natural elegance and lightness. Every detail of the feather is painstakingly reproduced, creating a piece that captures the grace of the movement of a feather carried by the wind. The oxidized finish adds a touch of mystery, bringing out the intricate details of the...

    16,20 €
  • 925 silver pendant round tree of life celtic medallion

    Our 925 silver pendant, an exquisite medallion adorned with a tree of life, captures the very essence of Celtic symbolism. The tree of life, known to represent growth, strength and connection with all things, is beautifully carved onto the surface of the medallion. The painstaking attention to detail makes each branch and leaf distinct, creating a work of...

    29,12 €
  • Rhodiated silver infinity cross necklace pendant

    The women's necklace is an elegant and symbolic jewel, carefully crafted in rhodium-plated 925 silver to provide a lustrous and durable finish. The necklace comes with a matching silver chain, creating a harmonious and versatile set. The pendant of the necklace, combining a cross and an infinity symbol. The cross, a traditional religious symbol, evokes...

    24,40 €
  • Men's Sterling Silver Cross with Wings Zirconia Inlay...

    The unisex silver pendant is a beautiful and symbolic piece, combining a cross with a winged heart to create a piece of jewelry that is both sacred and elegant. The cross, a deeply meaningful symbol of faith and spirituality, is beautifully embellished with a winged heart, which represents divine love and protection. At the center of the cross shines a...

    66,90 €
  • Men's silver viking war ax pendant

    The Viking Battle Ax Men's Pendant is a bold and powerful piece of jewelry, meticulously crafted with an oxidized finish. This pendant evokes the warrior spirit of the Vikings, a symbol of courage, strength and determination. The Viking hatchet is richly detailed, with chiseled lines and etched patterns, reflecting the distinctive Viking craftsmanship....

    43,20 € 54,00 €
  • Polished Heart Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Inlay...

    Discover the timeless charm of our 925 silver heart-shaped pendant, fully rhodium plated, a piece of jewelry that embodies love, elegance and sophistication. This pendant is the ultimate symbol of affection and beauty. 925 silver is chosen for its purity and lasting shine, making it an exceptional choice for a piece meant to capture the sparkle of love....

    14,79 €
  • Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Water Drop Black Resin...

    The women's necklace is an elegant and contemporary piece of jewelry, carefully crafted in high-quality 925 silver. This necklace showcases two round black resin teardrop pendants, creating a balanced and aesthetically pleasing ensemble. Each black resin pendant is precisely shaped to evoke the shape of a round water drop, which lends a touch of fluidity...

    34,96 €
  • Men's Sterling Silver Medallion Elephant Zirconia Inlay...

    The pendant is a beautiful round solid silver medallion, finely crafted to feature a raised design of a majestic elephant. Meticulous craftsmanship is reflected in every detail, capturing the grace and beauty of this iconic animal. The smooth surface of solid silver is the perfect background to showcase the embossed elephant design. The elephant, a symbol...

    32,28 €
  • Men's Sterling Silver Medallion Bonne Chance Pendant

    The pendant is a bewitchingly charming round medallion, created with a subtle blend of elegance and symbolism. Designed in 925 silver, a precious metal renowned for its brilliance and durability, this pendant exudes an aura of quality and refinement. At the heart of this medallion rests a delicate and meaningful inscription, where the words "Good Luck"...

    35,20 €
  • Men's Sterling Silver guardian angel Pendant

    The pendant is a sublime round solid silver medallion, exquisitely crafted to feature an embossed design of a benevolent guardian angel. This jewel is imbued with symbolism, representing the protection, guidance and reassuring presence of our guardian angel who watches over us. The smooth surface of the solid silver contrasts beautifully with the...

    31,96 €
  • Men's Sterling Silver guardian angel Pendant

    The guardian angel pendant is an enchanting piece of jewelry, meticulously crafted in solid silver and featuring an oxidized finish. This pendant is designed to symbolize the protection, benevolence and divine guidance of our guardian angels, thus offering a touch of comfort and hope to the wearer. The design of the pendant highlights the graceful...

    39,48 €
  • Men's Sterling Silver St. James's Cross Skull Ziconia...

    The Sword Scallop Pendant is a striking and iconic piece of jewelry, crafted with attention to detail in solid silver, with an oxidized finish to add a touch of mystery and character. This pendant skilfully combines strong symbolic elements, including a skull at the top and a zirconium oxide in the center of the cross. The upper part of the pendant...

    51,56 €
  • Men's Sterling Silver skeleton hand Skull Pendant

    The Men's Plate Pendant with Black Skeleton Hand Design is a bold and captivating piece of jewelry, meticulously crafted in solid silver with a polished finish. This pendant embodies a unique and mysterious style, perfect for men who appreciate accessories that stand out. The solid silver plate features a skeleton hand motif, made even more striking with...

    48,88 €
  • Men's Sterling Silver Horn Tooth Eagle Pendant

    The eagle's claw or canine tooth pendant for men is an intriguing and powerful piece of jewelry, meticulously crafted in solid silver with an oxidized finish. This pendant captures the strength, freedom and majesty of the eagle, symbolizing power and determination. The eagle's claw or canine tooth is richly detailed, reflecting the strength and ferocity...

    54,60 €
  • Men's Sterling Silver Cross Ziconia Inlay Pendant

    This pendant is made of 925 silver, It has a simple design of a cross with zirconiums. The polished finish gives this pendant a touch of quality. This pendant is perfect as a gift that is sure to please or for your own jewelry collection. Are you looking for a unique gift for your boyfriend girlfriend? Would you like to give yourself a unique gift for...

    38,80 €
  • Men's Sterling Silver Skull skeleton Rose Pendant

    The men's pendant in the shape of a skeleton with a rose flower in its mouth is an enigmatic and artistic piece of jewelry, meticulously crafted in solid silver and finished with an oxidized finish. This pendant embodies a unique juxtaposition between the dark aspect of the skeleton and the unexpected softness of the rose flower, creating a powerful...

    35,84 €
  • Men's Sterling Silver Skull Biker Moto Pendant

    The combination of motorcycle and skeleton is richly detailed, showing a harmonious fusion of these two elements. The skeleton riding the motorcycle conjures up a striking and captivating image, symbolizing power, speed and a rebellious attitude. Every detail of the pendant is carefully crafted, showcasing the motorcycle's distinctive features as well as...

    81,60 €
  • Men's Sterling Silver guardian angel Pendant

    The guardian angel pendant on an oval plaque is a celestial and enchanting piece of jewelry, carefully crafted in solid silver and finished with an oxidized finish to add a touch of mystery and charm. This pendant is unisex, designed for both men and women, symbolizing the protection, benevolence and divine guidance of our guardian angels. The solid...

    43,60 €
  • Men's Sterling Silver Zircon Cross Pendant

    The Celtic cross is richly decorated with chiseled designs, evoking the ancient heritage and spiritual symbolism of Celtic culture. The intertwining and geometric patterns on the cross add an artistic and mystical touch, reflecting the complexity of life and the universe. In the center of the cross, a sparkling zirconium oxide shines intensely, bringing a...

    79,32 €
  • Men's Sterling SIlver Biker Tigre Heat Pendant

    The plate-shaped pendant with the motif of a tiger's head in relief is a captivating and iconic jewel, inspired by the Chinese zodiac sign of the Tiger. Carefully crafted from solid silver, this pendant features an oxidized finish that adds character and mystery to its appearance. The embossed tiger head is richly detailed, showcasing the fierce and...

    69,11 €
  • Men's Sterling Silver Polished Cross Pendant

    The Monster Claw Tear Cross Men's Pendant is a striking and daring piece of jewelry, designed to command attention and inspire admiration. This pendant embodies power, mystery and originality, with a unique representation of the cross, adorned with tearing claw patterns inspired by fantastical creatures. The cross is thick and sturdy, giving the pendant...

    94,92 €
  • Men's Sterling Silver eye of providence Cross Pendant

    The men's pendant, inspired by the Occitan cross, is a unique and symbolic jewel, beautifully designed to reflect a deep meaning. In the center of the pendant, a star of David is prominent, adorned with an eye of providence, creating a fascinating amalgamation of spiritual and mystical symbols. This pendant is thick, heavy and has a polished finish,...

    80,52 €
  • Dragonfly Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia...

    The Jesus Crucifix Cross Inspired Men's Pendant is an iconic yet meaningful piece of jewelry, crafted with attention to detail and featuring an oxidized finish that adds a touch of mystery and character. The crucifix cross is richly represented, thus recalling the sacred symbol of Christianity and the story of the sacrifice of Jesus. The cross is thick...

    90,40 €
  • Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Opal Zirconia Pendant...

    The women's pendant is an elegant and dazzling piece of jewelry, showcasing a large round opal set in the center. Crafted in rhodium-plated 925 silver, this pendant combines timeless beauty with modern sophistication. At the heart of the pendant is a shimmering opal in a round shape, capturing the mystical shades of colors that shimmer in the light. The...

    36,40 €
  • Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Opal Star of David Pendant...

    The Star of David pendant for women is an enchanting and meaningful piece of jewelry, meticulously crafted in 925 silver and rhodium plated for a lasting, oxidation-resistant shine. This pendant showcases the iconic Star of David, a powerful symbol of spirituality and connection to Judaic traditions. The shape of the Star of David is richly carved in 925...

    52,80 €
  • Rhodium Platted Sterling Silver Opal Zirconia Inpay...

    The heart-shaped women's pendant is a hauntingly beautiful piece of jewelry, delicately designed and adorned with opal in the center, surrounded by small sparkling cubic zirconia. This pendant is made of 925 silver, plated with rhodium, which gives it a lasting shine and protects against tarnishing. The 925 silver heart is finely crafted to create a soft...

    49,36 €
  • Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Water Drop Opale Pendant...

    The teardrop-shaped pendant for women is a delicate and bewitching jewel, enhanced by an inlay of opal. Made of rhodium-plated 925 silver, this pendant combines elegance and shine to create a sparkling and charming accessory. The teardrop shape of the pendant is both graceful and feminine, reminiscent of the natural beauty of nature. The soft, flowing...

    46,96 €
  • Men's Sterling Silver Embossed Pattern Dog Tag Pendant

    The men's silver pendant is a sturdy and striking piece of jewelry, inspired by the classic style of military dog tag plates. However, it sports a unique twist with an embossed fleur-de-lis design, giving it extra elegance and symbolism. Crafted from high quality solid silver, this pendant is built to last and stand the test of time. Its oxidized finish...

    68,28 €
  • Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Star Of David Pendant

    The Star of David silver pendant is a dazzling piece of jewelry that combines classic elegance with modern sparkle. The heart of the pendant is highlighted by a high quality zirconia, carefully set in the center, bringing a captivating shine to the whole. This central zircon is surrounded by small cubic zirconia, intricately set all around the Star of...

    21,44 €
  • Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Inlay Knot Ball Pendant

    The silver pendant for women is a delicate and refined work of art, showcasing a magnificent Celtic knot, a symbol of harmony and eternity. Its elegant Celtic knot shape is carefully crafted to capture the essence of traditional design while presenting a modern and feminine touch. At the heart of the pendant shines a sparkling zirconium oxide, perfectly...

    20,10 €
  • Men's Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Zirconia Inlay Pendant

    Keep your faith with this cross pendant. Beautifully crafted in 925 silver, it features a polished finish with slightly oxidized details. This accessory complements your appearance and goes great to all styles of clothing. This high quality pendant rests comfortably on your chest.Length 40mmWidth 30mm

    49,20 €
  • Butterfly Sterling Silver Zirconia Inlay Pendant Necklace

    Butterfly Sterling Silver Zirconium inlay PendantLength 24 mmWidth 18 mm

    19,80 €

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This almost pure silver (since it actually contains 13 times more money than the actual metal added) is widely used in jewelry, including for Human signet silver, especially as the price of gold what money is much less than that of gold. However pure silver (that is to say the money 999 thousandths or silver 999) does not lend itself to the work of jeweler and is typically used for the storage of the precious metal in ingot form .

The 925, though much more pure precious metal than gold for 18K (that it only contains 75% of precious metal), allows the manufacture of cheap silver jewelry. The cost of the way is the most important effect in the manufacture of jewelery in silver, and cheap jewelry can be thanks to that achieved in 925, thus benefiting from the nobility of the precious metal instead of costume jewelery made in other materials.