Silver Jewelry 

All our silver jewelry collections for men and women, you can easily find a sweet gem that deserves attention, like a silver bracelet, silver earrings, sterling silver, silver necklace ...

The 925, that is to say the money 925, is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal (it is often copper): the number 925 indicates what is called as silver, that is to say the actual amount of money used in the product.

This almost pure silver (since it actually contains 13 times more money than the actual metal added) is widely used in jewelry, including for Human signet silver, especially as the price of gold what money is much less than that of gold. However pure silver (that is to say the money 999 thousandths or silver 999) does not lend itself to the work of jeweler and is typically used for the storage of the precious metal in ingot form .

The 925, though much more pure precious metal than gold for 18K (that it only contains 75% of precious metal), allows the manufacture of cheap silver jewelry. The cost of the way is the most important effect in the manufacture of jewelery in silver, and cheap jewelry can be thanks to that achieved in 925, thus benefiting from the nobility of the precious metal instead of costume jewelery made in other materials.