Men's Bracelets 

Our selection of bracelets is designed for men, with modern and classic designs that are combined with the intelligence of artisans. The use of modern materials for our bracelets such as tungsten, silver, stainless steel and leather, we designed our collection not only with the style, but also the quality and durability. If you are looking for something for a gift, a bracelet is a simple and elegant idea with all styles of fashion.

The bracelet: the timeless It has through the ages and has gradually brought up to date. The man is usually silver bracelet with a flat mesh and not too wide. It can have a plate to engrave his name or date. It's a safe bet that brings an elegant side with style. The bracelet chain for ultra masculine look For those who love elegant and masculine jewelry 100%, the human chain bracelet is a choice that appeals. Usually silver or steel, however, we find the gold for men looking for a stylish model.

The chain bracelet comes in a wide range: the purpose or wide links, clasps trends, choices abound.

Personalized leather bracelet: the current trend The leather strap is on the rise and it is not ready to stop. Masculine, elegant, fancy, chic, it has established itself in the world of men's jewelery. It can be braided, associated with silver or steel and even personalized. Indeed, the custom bracelet man deceived those who want a unique model that simple leather strap. Composed of a plate, it competes with the traditional curb.

A bracelet for pain The magnetic strap in contact with your skin will generate positive vibes and relieve joint pain. The Band magnets have certain virtues and it is therefore natural that the magnetic bracelet is available in different models to be trendy and good for health. The bracelets ceramic and tungsten The ceramic strap like the Tungsten model brings a final elegant touch to your outfit. As much as the other are very strong, scratch-resistant and require little maintenance. Those are jewels that are beginning to have real success with men who are very active.