Men's Necklace Pendant 

Pendants were worn for centuries by men! Our range of pendants is much more modern as pendants dog tag, cross pendants, pendants couple ... They are all designed to the man and to reflect today's fashion. Our selection of pendants is made with modern metals such as tungsten, silver and stainless steel. Especially stainless steel which is ideal for man jewelry because it is strong and durable. With stainless steel we offer affordable jewelry that will last very long.

Surprising as it may seem, the first pendants that have been discovered date back to the prehistoric era. Like many objects created in those days, they were formed in the bone, formed shells, teeth, feathers, wood and all natural elements that lend themselves to manufacture. It was of meaning remains obscure. Since then it has come from around the world, for all peoples and all times. Only in Europe in medieval times it has been used little, ornaments are not part of ornamental and clothing habits of then. The pendant is primarily a sign of social class following the materials it is made and depending on its size, besides its beauty accessory function. Long, it was mainly popular with men. The pendant for man, a male jewel Nowadays, and following a decline among the male who wanted sober, the pendant is back in the range of man's jewelery. Besides the basic man pendant in silver, it is available in all possible materials used in jewelry and man largely accommodates precious stones or pearls of all kinds. Man may well qualify his masculinity chic touches to the glamor or pure virility smooth and hard as his timing. All trends are open to him to express his inner self. Moreover, many jewelry designers creativity open to everyone by offering the custom: an idea born an exceptional man in a single jewel, like its sponsor.