Silver rings 

Men's silver jewelry require special care to prevent them from being damaged: although money is a strong enough metal to others, it must be cleaned frequently because it tends to darken (which n 'however is not a sign of alteration), to oxidize or scratching themselves. In general, you should avoid bathing, playing sports or sunbathing with her jewels: these are basic tips, but which limit their aging.

All rings are not in every style and every outfit and we must take this into account before making his choice. For example, a simple silver ring, a ring with sober motifs, sterling silver rings are multiple models to wear with a dark suit and an elegant style.

For a more casual, it is better to opt for a patterned ring. For an evening or a special occasion, the choice can be worn on a signet ring.

The 925, though much more pure precious metal than gold for 18K (that it only contains 75% of precious metal), allows the manufacture of cheap silver jewelry. The cost of the way is the most important effect in the manufacture of jewelery in silver, and cheap jewelry can be thanks to that achieved in 925, thus benefiting from the nobility of the precious metal instead of costume jewelery made in other materials.