Men's Rhodium Cubes Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings



925/000 silver earrings, creole style, They go with every outfit, face shape and even personal style. This means that when you're stumped as to which jewelry best matches your outfit, you can always put on your silver earrings and be done with it.

When you buy silver earrings, it's not just the classic look of the pieces that will stand the test of time. It is also the durability of the material they are made of.

First of all, sterling silver is a great option for more sensitive skin types, which may be allergic to other types of lower quality metals. If you've noticed itching, redness, or any other type of discomfort after wearing other types of jewelry, consider switching to silver.

Silver earrings are appropriate - and absolutely beautiful - for people of all ages. They also work well on a variety of different skin tones, as well as with just about any outfit you plan to wear.

Length 12mm
Width 12mm

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  • Material  :   Sterling Silver
  • Jewelry for  :   Men, Women
  • Weight  :   3g
  • Length  :   12mm
  • Width  :   12mm

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